Be warned: there are major spoilers ahead in this article.

Towards the end of Star Wars’ The Last Jedi, we see a young orphan Human boy use the Force to get his broom, and lift it like a lightsaber while watching the Millennium Falcon passing by through hyperspace. A close-up shot of the broom even made it look like the hilt of a lightsaber. At the very end, we see that this boy was wearing Rose Tico’s ring with a symbol of The Resistance.

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Who is that Boy?

According to Star Wars’ The Last Jedi Visual Dictionary, the name of the child is Temiri Blagg. He is a slave in planet Cantonica’s glitzy city of Canto Bight, hired to tend to the fathiers, the large four-legged creatures used for races. Like the young Anakin, Luke, and Rey, Temiri is poor and someone you would least assume to use the Force. The name of the actor playing Temiri is first-time actor Temirlan Blaev.

How about those two other kids?

Temiri is the only child we see at the end of The Last Jedi, and the only one who is Force-sensitive. However, prior to that SCENE, he is shown playing with replicas of Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader with two other orphan children. According to the Visual Dictionary, their names are Arashell Sar and Oniho Ziya. No scene in the movie shows them that they are Force-sensitive, so the next episode might give us answers. Arashell and Oniho are played by Sarah Heller and Josiah Oniha respectively.

Theories about Temiri Blagg’s Identity

With Rian Johnson directed Star Wars in a non-canonical way, it’s safe to assume that Temiri is like Rey, and not related to the Skywalkers, Solos, and other famous families from the galaxy. But it’s also possible that Johnson is creating new sets of clans to watch out for. Youtube user Braden Boyko theorizes that Temiri and Rey may be related. This is a theory that I partly agree with, but have yet to flesh out fully on my own.

Another theory is based on ScreenRant‘s dissection of a short story that appears in the audiobook, Star Wars: From a Certain Point of View #1. In the short story “Of MSE-6 and Men” by Glen Weldon, one of the characters is an officer from the first Death Star named Lieutenant Blagg. Hence it’s possible that Temiri is a descendant of a member of the Imperial Army.

Which side will he be on?

It’s too early to tell which side the boy is on. Will he be “the new hope”, after Luke has gone? His ownership of a Resistance ring doesn’t tell us that he’ll be part of it. After all, Anakin and Ben started on the Light side, then turned Dark. The more important question is how did he become Force-sensitive? Was learning The Force available to more people? Or was someone already starting to teach him? Will we even see that in the next film? One could speculate that someone from The Resistance might have come back

Actually, will we see him again?

There’s strong possibility that he will be significant in the next installment. Or maybe not. He could just be a symbol of the more democratized treatment of the Force. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, director Johnson explained that the last scene was just all about the significance of Luke Skywalker’s sacrifice in the Galaxy. Temiri’s Force sensitivity might just be a testament to what the movie is saying all along: You don’t need to be trained to become a Jedi to have The Force.

Inverse gives us more practical answers. Because the name of the character and the actor are similar, he might not appear again. Not only will Temiri appear once, but also his fellow slave Human children as their roles’ names are similar to their real ones. Also, Lucasfilm and Disney might not also want to risk their next story with relative unknowns. However we still don’t really know, and that’s what’s great about this new trilogy: it keeps us excited.

Do you have any theory as to who Temiri is? Let us know in the comments section!