horror series

Netflix has a lot of good horror series right now, just in time for Halloween. Here are some horror series we recommend checking out now.

Three Horror Series on Netflix You Have to Check Out Now

The Haunting of Hill House

The Haunting of Hill House follows the story of the Crains as they move into an old mansion called Hill House. The couple, Hugh and Olivia, along with their children Steven, Shirley Theo, Luke and Nell experience eerie and tragic paranormal experiences that lead them running out of the house. Over twenty years later, the estranged siblings and their father reunite, forcing them to go back to their haunted memories and inner demons. The series is also loosely based on the gothic horror novel by author Shirley Jackson.


The horror series Superstition chronicles the life of the Hastings family, which owns a funeral home in the small Georgian town of La Rochelle. Aside from providing funeral services, the family conducts special rituals for families whose members die during demonic attacks. They also protect the community from demons lurking around. The series also tackles issues like environmental degradation and racism.

Ghost Wars 

Ghost Wars tells the story of Roman Mercer, an immigrant who comes to a remote Alaskan town plagued by paranormal encounters. Locals see him as an outcast as he is a person of color. Then, Roman taps into his repressed psychic powers in order to save the town from demons. Will the locals accept him? Or will they continue to see him as an outcast. Watch the series to find out.


Haunted is a documentary series featuring people who experienced real-life horror stories. All stories are told through interviews and spine-chilling reenactments. If you like hearing stories about the “real thing”, then this is the show for you.