Stan Lee cameos

The Complete List of Stan Lee Cameos in Marvel Movies

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No Marvel comic character movie is complete without a Stan Lee cameo. Whether the film comes from Marvel Studios, Fox, or Sony, he’s there. We’ll definitely miss his presence in the series of films in the new MCU phase. But it’s a good thing that fans were blessed to see several Stan Lee cameos before […]

Asian X-Men

Five Crazy Cool Asian X-Men

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About a month ago, the film “Crazy Rich Asians” came out in movie theatres. The film drove Asian audiences crazy and was a box-office hit. After all, it’s only now that Hollywood is addressing the problem of Asian representation. But did you know that comic books were way ahead? X-Men is the leading comic book […]

X-Men’s New Mutants: Who is Cannonball?

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Welcome to GrokPost’s third article in the New Mutants series. In the past couple of weeks, we introduced Magik and Wolfsbane. This week, we’re putting the spotlight on Cannonball. Our commentary is largely based on Cannonball’s narratives from the official Marvel website, Marvel fan page, Comic Book Kid, and TheMtVernonKid. Names Cannonball’s real name is […]

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The Three Most Powerful Female Mutants in X-Men

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Women are more empowered today than ever before, and they’ve played major roles in the success of major films and shows from the past two years. The box-office success of DC’s Wonder Woman is a testament to women’s independence, diversity, and power. Marvel’s Black Widow, Gamora, Jessica Jones and the Wasp are female forces to […]

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X-Men’s New Mutants: Who is Magik?

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X-Men’s 13th installment, “New Mutants” is a superhero horror flick that narrates the inner struggles of five new mutants and their battle against Demon Bear. The Josh Boone-directed film opens in theatres on 13 April 2018. Every week for five weeks, we will be discussing one New Mutant to know about their history, superpowers, and […]