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Three Reasons Why 2019 is the Year for Female Superheroes

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2019 is the year for superhero films. But among all superheroes, it’s the female superheroes who’ll be dominating the silver screen. Here are three reasons why 2019 is not just a year for superheroes, but female superheroes. 3 Reasons Why 2019 is the Year for Female Superheroes 1. Awaited Sequels Two superhero sequels coming out […]

10 Most Anticipated Films of 2019 by Movie Audiences

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We’re more than halfway through 2018. That’s why more and more people are getting more excited about the films that are coming out of 2019. Several of these anticipated films already have trailers, sparking the interest among more movie audiences. A lot of these films come from the superhero and horror genre. Let’s look at the […]

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Updates on DC’s Superhero Flicks from CinemaCon 2018

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After Justice League’s dismal performance at the box office, Warner Bros. is working double to put things back on track for DC’s Expanded Universe films. This week, they’re busy promoting their upcoming superhero movies at their panel at CinemaCon 2018. Updates on DC’s Superhero Films Aquaman Aquaman was the centerpiece of the Warner Bros. / […]