Three Superhero Role Models Your Children Can Look Up To

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All superheroes bear some kind of influence on their followers. The likes of Batman and Black Panther positively influence adults who have gone through significant patches in their lives, like the death of a parent or racist attacks. And then there are some that are perfect superhero role models for children. These superheroes serve as […]

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Updates on DC’s Superhero Flicks from CinemaCon 2018

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After Justice League’s dismal performance at the box office, Warner Bros. is working double to put things back on track for DC’s Expanded Universe films. This week, they’re busy promoting their upcoming superhero movies at their panel at CinemaCon 2018. Updates on DC’s Superhero Films Aquaman Aquaman was the centerpiece of the Warner Bros. / […]

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What We Think of Mark Millar’s DC/Marvel Film Theory

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Mark Millar, the renowned comic book writer whose done work for Marvel, DC, and his own comic book series (Wanted, Kingsman, and Kick-Ass), recently shared why he thinks Marvel films are doing better than DC’s Extended Universe. In an exclusive interview with Yahoo! Movies about the upcoming Kick-Ass reboot, he shared his theory why Marvel […]

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The Three Most Powerful Female Mutants in X-Men

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Women are more empowered today than ever before, and they’ve played major roles in the success of major films and shows from the past two years. The box-office success of DC’s Wonder Woman is a testament to women’s independence, diversity, and power. Marvel’s Black Widow, Gamora, Jessica Jones and the Wasp are female forces to […]

Teen Titans Drop Their “Movies” Teaser Trailer

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“Teen Titans Go! to the Movies” trailer is finally out. We first heard about the film last September, and its story last December 2017. Now, audiences will get to see what’s in store for them. The film stars the characters from the TV show “Teen Titans Go!”, and is produced by DC Entertainment and Warner […]