5 Famous Actors Who Almost Bagged the Superman Role

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The Superman role is one of the most coveted characters in Hollywood. Warner Bros.’ recent films don’t exactly show Superman as a strong character, the way Marvel Studios depicts, well, almost all its heroes. Though this is the case, many actors still wish to bag the Superman role. That’s because Superman is such an iconic […]

Three Memorable Superhero and Sports Mashups from DC Comics

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Significant sporting events are happening one after the other. In the NBA, both the Eastern and Western Conference Finals are both having Game 7. In fact, the Eastern Conference Finals just ended, with the Cleveland Cavaliers qualifying for the Grand Finals. Real Madrid recently claimed its 13th Champions League title in Kiev, Russia. And finally, […]


8 Awesome Facts About Superman On His 80th Anniversary

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Superman, the most popular superhero in pop culture, celebrated his 80th anniversary yesterday, 18 April 2018. His first appeared in the first comic book, Action Comics #1, back in 1938. DC released Action Comics #1000 to celebrate The Man of Steel’s 80th year. To belatedly commemorate this occasion, we’re putting together 8 of the most […]

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What We Think of Mark Millar’s DC/Marvel Film Theory

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Mark Millar, the renowned comic book writer whose done work for Marvel, DC, and his own comic book series (Wanted, Kingsman, and Kick-Ass), recently shared why he thinks Marvel films are doing better than DC’s Extended Universe. In an exclusive interview with Yahoo! Movies about the upcoming Kick-Ass reboot, he shared his theory why Marvel […]

Teen Titans Drop Their “Movies” Teaser Trailer

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“Teen Titans Go! to the Movies” trailer is finally out. We first heard about the film last September, and its story last December 2017. Now, audiences will get to see what’s in store for them. The film stars the characters from the TV show “Teen Titans Go!”, and is produced by DC Entertainment and Warner […]