Three Superhero Role Models Your Children Can Look Up To

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All superheroes bear some kind of influence on their followers. The likes of Batman and Black Panther positively influence adults who have gone through significant patches in their lives, like the death of a parent or racist attacks. And then there are some that are perfect superhero role models for children. These superheroes serve as […]

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Unknown Superheroes That Deserve to Be Popular

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With so many superheroes in films and in comic books, it’s hard to keep track. While some have reached skyrocketing levels of popularity, most of them stay under the radar. There are so many underrated and unknown superheroes that are worthy of discovery and fame. Here is our list of underrated and unknown superheroes. We […]

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Underrated Superhero Movies: Four Films That Deserve More Attention

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Marvel Cinematic Universe. The Batman franchise from Tim Burton. And M. Night Shyamalan’s Unbreakable series. These are some of the superhero film franchises that have big cult followings. Most movies from these franchises are undeniably good. But there are more underrated superhero movies outside of these franchises that demand better attention. Here are four of […]

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Six Comical Superheroes to Brighten Your Day

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There are two kinds of superheroes people know of. There’s the sunny, sprightly and good-looking one, like Superman and Captain America. Then there are the brooding types like Batman. But recent films like Deadpool and Guardians of the Galaxy show us that superheroes come in different personalities. They’ve ushered in comical superheroes to the general […]

10 Most Anticipated Films of 2019 by Movie Audiences

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We’re more than halfway through 2018. That’s why more and more people are getting more excited about the films that are coming out of 2019. Several of these anticipated films already have trailers, sparking the interest among more movie audiences. A lot of these films come from the superhero and horror genre. Let’s look at the […]

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Three Smartest Superhero Parody Films

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Superhero parody films are a dime-a-dozen. You can find many from Hollywood, as well as from foreign film scenes. The problem with a lot of superhero parody films is that they almost always tend to be run-of-the-mill comedies. But not all of them are. There are several superhero parody films that are funny and meaningful […]


4 Cool and Relevant Superheroes Outside of Marvel and DC

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Most popular superheroes today come from either Marvel and DC. But there are actually hundreds of superheroes that exist outside their universes – or should I say, multiverses? Many of them aren’t just awesome, but also culturally valuable. Here are just four of them. 4 Cool Superheroes Outside of Marvel and DC 4. Hiro Nakamura […]

Sci-Fi, Horror, and Superhero Flicks Coming This April 2018

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Giant animals, strange sounds, exorcism, and superheroes: That’s what’s coming to theatres this April. Sci-Fi Rampage What happens when your friend starts causing major havoc in the city? That’s the dilemma primatologist Davis Okoye (Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson) faces when a scientific experiment transforms his gorilla-friend George, a wolf, and a crocodile into giant violent […]

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4 Must-See Fantasy, Horror, and Superhero Movies Exiting Netflix this April 2018

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This April, we’ll be seeing classics such as The Lost Boys and The Iron Giant hit our Netflix screens. That also means there will be classics exiting the video-on-demand platform. Here are four must-see sci-fi and horror flicks you need to catch on Netflix before they exit on 1 April 2018:   4. Cabin Fever […]