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Cutest Sci-Fi Creatures and Robots from Movies

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The best sci-fi movies are either straight up serious (like 2001: A Space Odyssey and The Martian), or a healthy mix of everything. The latter refers to movies that have action, adventure, and a little comedy. A lot of the biggest sci-fi blockbusters were entertaining rather than serious. Many of them also had the cutest […]

board games

Board Games Based on Sci-Fi Films and Shows That You’ll Enjoy

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There are a lot of ways that you can enjoy your favorite sci-fi films and shows. You can watch them on Netflix or on Blu-Ray DVDs. Or you can play RPG games where you get to roleplay as one of the leads. Another way is to play board games. Playing board games is an awesome […]

Star Wars

LucasFilm Debuts “Solo: A Star Wars Story” Poster and Trailer

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In the midst of all the Infinity War hype, Disney and Lucasfilm released the theatrical poster and trailer for “Solo: A Star Wars Story”, reminding audiences about the other big movie they need to be excited about. The poster and trailer debuted during Americal Idol last 8 April 2018 on ABC. Check out the poster […]

Paul Fentz photo from SportingNews twitter

Olympic Figure Skaters Dance to Game of Thrones and Star Wars Themes

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Twitter overflowed with reactions to the Game of Thrones-themed performance by Paul Fentz of Germany at the Men’s Singles Skating (Free Skating) event held yesterday. Fentz not just danced to Game of Thrones, but also imbibed Jaime Lannister, complete with faux gold and crimson armor and a glove that reminded audiences of Lannister’s missing hand. […]

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Game of Thrones Show Creators are Producing New Material for Star Wars

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Dan Weiss and David Benioff are traveling from Westeros to a galaxy, far, far away. After bringing George R.R. Martin’s fictional realm to life, the producers of HBO’s hit show Game of Thrones are being tapped by Lucasfilm to create another trilogy for Star Wars. This new set of films are separate from the classic […]

The “Solo” Film Trailer Finally Gets a Release Date

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After almost a month of speculation, we’re finally getting a release date for the trailer of “Solo: A Star Wars Story”! We’ve previously reported rumours of the trailer’s premiere thrice this month. First, fans speculated that we’ll be seeing a trailer by the 12th of January on NBC’s Good Morning America (GMA). When that didn’t […]

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Fanfic Review: A Story that Reflects The Light in Kylo Ren’s Eyes

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One of the defining aspects of the Star Wars sequel trilogy is Kylo Ren’s internal struggle. While he does his best to manifest the Dark Side, he also finds himself often communicating with Rey through telepathy, making his struggle between good and evil all the more difficult. “Star Wars Episode IX: Light Between Stars” by […]

Will a ‘Solo’ Trailer Drop During the Superbowl?

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Fans and followers have speculated a lot about the trailer for “Solo: A Star Wars Story”. Rumours flew that it will drop on the 12th, between the 24th and 26th, or during Superbowl next Sunday. We didn’t get to see anything in the past weeks, but according to an exclusive report from Deadline, Disney has purchased […]

The ‘Solo’ Movie Plot Summary is Here, and So Are New Trailer Release Rumours

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The trailer for “Solo: A Star Wars Story”, was rumoured to drop last 12 January 2018, but we didn’t see anything. The trailer drop might be during the Superbowl, and Entertainment Weekly’s Star Wars reporter Anthony Breznican confirms that it won’t be long before we see it:   Not much longer, but not yet. — […]

Who is the Boy with the Broom from Star Wars’ The Last Jedi?

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Be warned: there are major spoilers ahead in this article. Towards the end of Star Wars’ The Last Jedi, we see a young orphan Human boy use the Force to get his broom, and lift it like a lightsaber while watching the Millennium Falcon passing by through hyperspace. A close-up shot of the broom even […]