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A List of the Best and Worst Sci-Fi Film Roles Played by Will Smith

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Will Smith is one of Hollywood’s funniest and most successful African-American stars. He’s one of the actors from the black community with a wide portfolio of sci-fi and fantasy projects alongside action and drama films. His next huge role is Genie in next year’s live-action adaptation of the Disney animated classic, Aladdin. Talented as he […]


Four Upcoming Live Action Adaptations of Disney Animated Classics

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After the success of Beauty and the Beast and Maleficent, Disney is now working to produce more live-action animations of some of its beloved classics. Most of these animated classics belong to the fantasy and sci-fi genres. Here are five of the many live-action adaptations of Disney animated classics coming to theatres in 2019 and […]

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Four Haunted Stories During Horror Movie Sets

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There’s nothing like a horror story happening on the set of a horror movie. Haunted horror stories are chilling in themselves. What more if they occur on the sets of equally horrific cinematic tales? Here are some of the creepiest haunted stories during the filming of horror movies. Four Haunted Stories During Horror Movie Sets […]

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Four Sci-fi Horror Movies to Keep You Up All Night on Halloween

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Monstrous aliens, gore, and more. That’s what sci-fi horror is all about. Here are four remarkable sci-fi horror movies we recommend for your Halloween viewing. Four Sci-fi Horror Movies to Keep You Up All Night on Halloween   Alien “Alien” is the definitive sci-fi horror movie. The movie uses common horror movie tropes like unknown […]

10 Most Anticipated Films of 2019 by Movie Audiences

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We’re more than halfway through 2018. That’s why more and more people are getting more excited about the films that are coming out of 2019. Several of these anticipated films already have trailers, sparking the interest among more movie audiences. A lot of these films come from the superhero and horror genre. Let’s look at the […]

100 of the Best Sci-Fi Movies That You Need to See

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Sci-fi movies are an important part of film theatre. Many of these movies featured technological advancements that we now enjoy. They’ve also inspired people to pursue their interest in science. Finally, sci-fi movies made pop culture a lot more fun and dynamic. Here 100 of the best sci-fi films that you need to see in […]

Netflix’s “Bright”: Bright in Many Parts but Dim in Some Others

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Will Smith, who has appeared in numerous sci-fi and fantasy action flicks (Independence Day, I Am Legend, Men in Black, After Earth, Suicide Squad) is back in Netflix’s flick Bright. In the film, he plays a human LAPD police officer named Daryl Ward on a mission to protect a magical weapon from corrupt and evil […]