cutest sci-fi creatures

Cutest Sci-Fi Creatures and Robots from Movies

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The best sci-fi movies are either straight up serious (like 2001: A Space Odyssey and The Martian), or a healthy mix of everything. The latter refers to movies that have action, adventure, and a little comedy. A lot of the biggest sci-fi blockbusters were entertaining rather than serious. Many of them also had the cutest […]

comedy horror

5 Comedy Horror Films to Enjoy with Your Friends

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You’re wearing the right costumes, you’re all feeling a little tizzy because of the Halloween cocktails and you’ve exhausted all Halloween games. Now, what are you guys left to do? Why, you still have time to watch comedy horror films. Here are some of the best comedy horror films to watch with friends after a […]

light horror movies

Five Light Horror Movies for the Whole Family

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One of GrokPost’s recent features was on horror movies about the family. Those movies are great to watch with teenage or adult children. But what if you have small or elementary-age children that you want to watch horror movies with? Then we recommend watching light horror movies. Light horror movies are straight up not-so-scary movies, […]