8 Awesome Fanmade Fantasy Spinoff Trailers

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Fanmade trailers are make-or-break projects. They either look legit, or a complete embarrassment to the movie franchise concerned. The best fanmade trailers are those that make you wish that someone could make that spinoff a reality. Here are eight fanmade trailers for the fantasy genre that gave fans a lot of excitement. 8 Awesome Fanmade […]

Paul Fentz photo from SportingNews twitter

Olympic Figure Skaters Dance to Game of Thrones and Star Wars Themes

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Twitter overflowed with reactions to the Game of Thrones-themed performance by Paul Fentz of Germany at the Men’s Singles Skating (Free Skating) event held yesterday. Fentz not just danced to Game of Thrones, but also imbibed Jaime Lannister, complete with faux gold and crimson armor and a glove that reminded audiences of Lannister’s missing hand. […]

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Game of Thrones Show Creators are Producing New Material for Star Wars

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Dan Weiss and David Benioff are traveling from Westeros to a galaxy, far, far away. After bringing George R.R. Martin’s fictional realm to life, the producers of HBO’s hit show Game of Thrones are being tapped by Lucasfilm to create another trilogy for Star Wars. This new set of films are separate from the classic […]

Watch these Fantastic Super Bowl LII Ads Now

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Many people love watching the Super Bowl, not just for the exciting game, but also the ads that come out during the event. Here are the fantastic fantasy/sci-fi themed ads to be shown during the Big Game on Sunday, 4 February 2018: Doritos and Mt. Dew Everyones favorite Lannister, Peter Dinklage goes head-to-head with Morgan […]

Fanfic Review: The “Truth” about a Classic Game of Thrones Couple

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Game of Thrones is still more than a year away, leaving fans to create their own theories and works of fiction about the next season. Fan b3cc8’s version of the next season of one of HBO’s most beloved shows explores the development of two “ships”: Jaime Lannister and Brienne of Tarth, and Jon Snow and […]

GoT Illustration by lynneh9 from Zerochan website

Check Out these Animazing Game of Thrones Fanmade Videos

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Game of Thrones has amassed such a huge following that it holds the best fanbase to date. Because of the series’ popularity, it leaves some to wonder: what if there was a GoT anime? How would it look like? The answer lies in these fanmade anime videos. All of them are a little dated (they […]