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Unknown Superheroes That Deserve to Be Popular

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With so many superheroes in films and in comic books, it’s hard to keep track. While some have reached skyrocketing levels of popularity, most of them stay under the radar. There are so many underrated and unknown superheroes that are worthy of discovery and fame. Here is our list of underrated and unknown superheroes. We […]

LGBTQIA Superheroes that Fans are Proud Of that You Need to Know About

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Today marks the last day of Pride Month, which honors the LGBTQIA sector in society. One of the things that the LGBTQIA community is celebrating is their growing quality representation in superhero entertainment. The progress has yet to grow in leaps and bounds. But the fact that representation is now better than before is a […]

Three Memorable Superhero and Sports Mashups from DC Comics

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Significant sporting events are happening one after the other. In the NBA, both the Eastern and Western Conference Finals are both having Game 7. In fact, the Eastern Conference Finals just ended, with the Cleveland Cavaliers qualifying for the Grand Finals. Real Madrid recently claimed its 13th Champions League title in Kiev, Russia. And finally, […]


8 Awesome Facts About Superman On His 80th Anniversary

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Superman, the most popular superhero in pop culture, celebrated his 80th anniversary yesterday, 18 April 2018. His first appeared in the first comic book, Action Comics #1, back in 1938. DC released Action Comics #1000 to celebrate The Man of Steel’s 80th year. To belatedly commemorate this occasion, we’re putting together 8 of the most […]

Steven Spielberg to direct Blackhawk

Steven Spielberg to Direct DC’s Blackhawk

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DC fans rejoice! Spielberg and Blackhawk are coming your way! Spielberg to direct DC superhero film Blackhawk Fresh from the commercial success of his latest sci-fi dystopic film, “Ready Player One“, the critically-acclaimed director announced that he will direct his first superhero film, Blackhawk. But not anytime soon. He will begin working on the film […]

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Why DC and Marvel Have Their Own Captain Marvels

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Marvel’s Captain Marvel and DC’s Captain Marvel (now known as Shazam), will be competing at the box office next year. But before these two movies hit the screens, let’s look at why the two biggest comic book houses have a character of the same name – and what makes them different. History DC’s Captain Marvel […]

Female Superheroes and Mutants of Color that Deserve Their Own Film

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The success of Warner Brothers’ Wonder Woman and Marvel Studios’ Black Panther is telling of mainstream audiences’ growing acceptance and admiration for diversity among superheroes. There’s also a lot of buzz surrounding Marvel’s first female-led movie Captain Marvel, and the possibility of an all-female superhero movie. Having said that, the next step should probably be […]

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DC Films’ Shazam! Starts Production

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DC Films’ Shazam! started production last 29 January 2018. Director David F. Sandberg posted a photo of a clapperboard with the film’s codename on it on Instagram together with a caption saying “Let’s go!” followed by a lightning bolt.   Let’s go!⚡️ A post shared by David F. Sandberg (@ponysmasher) on Jan 29, 2018 at […]