“Bill & Ted’s Most Excellent Adventure” was one of the iconic sci-fi films that came out in the 1980s. Together with “Back to the Future”, “Bill & Ted”  brought sci-fi closer and made it more enjoyable to many teenagers in the United States and all over the world. This year, Keanu Reeves and Adam Winter sat with People magazine to reminisce about the ‘most excellent’ project that propelled their names to stratospheric heights.

“Bill & Ted’s Most Excellent Adventure” came out in theatres back in 1989. It follows the story of two teenagers who travel through time using a phone booth in order for them to pass history class. They go back to the medieval times, meet Abraham Lincoln, Socrates, and witness historical events such as the Mongolian invasion of China, and the Wild, Wild West. Here’s a list of the most memorable scenes and details from the film.

  • Their warm-hearted positive vibe.

Bill and Ted are largely viewed as dimwitted youngsters who don’t know anything else but play electric (and air) guitar. While they lack in terms of academic excellence, they were good people. The phrases they used such as “most excellent”, “bodacious”, “triumphant” connote happiness and success. Their curiosity and willingness to engage people was also refreshing to see, as teenagers were often portrayed as antisocial or rebellious figures. And they weren’t “that” dumb – they actually used pretty neat language and funny puns.


  • The elaborate sets.

Unlike other teen films at that time, “Bill & Ted”‘s story required that they have elaborate historic and sci-fi sets and effects. And they didn’t put these sets up – they were actual historical sites that the cast and crew filmed in. These sets made up for whatever realistic angst or sarcastic humour that attracted adolescent audiences back then.

  • Rufus.

Rufus is Bill and Ted’s time-travel guide who comes from the future, where the two teenagers are adults and treated as demi-gods. He goes back in time to help Bill and Ted in order for the future to be good for them and the world they live in. The legendary comedian George Carlin plays the role with just the right amount of class and humour to complement Bill and Ted’s playfulness.

  • The Climax

Bill and Ted bringing the historical figures onstage to give their report was definitely a “most excellent” cinematic moment.

(Cover photo courtesy of IMDb)