(Warning, mild spoilers ahead)

Porgs are the craze right now, much like how people are shopping online for their favourite clothes from online abaya to other popular garments. In fact, porgs are so cute and endearing, that Chewbacca had to stop eating them and make them his new companions in Star Wars’ latest installment, “The Last Jedi”. Porgs are the small, cute winged creatures native to Ahch-To, the planet where Luke Skywalker exiled himself to, and where Rey received her Jedi training. They are this trilogy’s version of Ewoks, only much cuter.

And to help you relive that scene where a Porg pleaded with Chewbacca to stop eating them with its adorable eyes, you can now make a bento that is shaped like one!

Disney Parks recently published a video tutorial on how to make a Porg bento using two types of rice, seaweed, olives, sesame seeds, carrots, and soy sauce. The video features OMGiri creator Mike Kravanis with two playful Jawas as his kitchen helpers. You can view the video below:

Isn’t that so cute? You would definitely have second thoughts about eating this piece of edible art, not only because it’s cute, but it’s also a masterpiece.

Another porg-inspired recipe is the Porgwich from The Healthy Mouse. It’s a healthy recipe made of wheat bread and light cream cheese (among other ingredients) you could prepare for breakfast or have as a snack. Get the Porgwich recipe over here.

Recently, Buzzfeed published a list of Star Wars-inspired food recipes, which includes Porg Inari Sushi and Porg Chops. But if these four recipes aren’t enough to satisfy your Porg obsession (and hunger), then you could check out this exhaustive list of Porg-shaped food from Nerdist that would make your and Chewie’s stomach very happy. Most of the items are pastries such fondant cake, cookies, no-bake cookies, marshmallows, and cupcakes perfect for your Star Wars day party. Don a Chewie costume (or t-shirt), and you’re all set to enjoy these Porg-inspired delicacies!