The “Solo” Film Trailer Finally Gets a Release Date

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After almost a month of speculation, we’re finally getting a release date for the trailer of “Solo: A Star Wars Story”! We’ve previously reported rumours of the trailer’s premiere thrice this month. First, fans speculated that we’ll be seeing a trailer by the 12th of January on NBC’s Good Morning America (GMA). When that didn’t […]

Cyborg K-Dramas to Get Hooked On

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The Artificial Intelligence (AI) / Cyborg trend is continuing to take the K-drama world by storm. Fans are already eagerly anticipating “Are You Human Too?“, an upcoming KBS drama about a rich young man and his android alter-ego created by his mother. As we wait for “Are You Human Too”‘s to premiere, let’s look back […]

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DC Films’ Shazam! Starts Production

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DC Films’ Shazam! started production last 29 January 2018. Director David F. Sandberg posted a photo of a clapperboard with the film’s codename on it on Instagram together with a caption saying “Let’s go!” followed by a lightning bolt.   Let’s go!⚡️ A post shared by David F. Sandberg (@ponysmasher) on Jan 29, 2018 at […]

X-Men’s New Mutants: Who is Wolfsbane?

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Every week for five weeks, we’ll be doing a profile on each of the characters in X-Men’s latest installment, The New Mutants. Last week, we got to know more about Magik, the mutant sorceress played by Anya Taylor – Joy. This week, we’ll be discussing the history, superpowers, and significance of Wolfsbane to the X-Men […]

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Four K-Dramas to Satisfy your Sci-Fi and Fantasy Needs

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Are you a fan of K-drama, fantasy, and sci-fi? Then you’ll definitely enjoy watching these shows. Are You Human Too? Are You Human Too? is an upcoming artificial intelligence (AI)/sci-fi drama on KBS. Nam Shin, son and heir to a chaebol, is in a coma following a serious and unexpected accident. His mother, Oh Ro-Ra, an expert […]

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Fanfic Review: A Story that Reflects The Light in Kylo Ren’s Eyes

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One of the defining aspects of the Star Wars sequel trilogy is Kylo Ren’s internal struggle. While he does his best to manifest the Dark Side, he also finds himself often communicating with Rey through telepathy, making his struggle between good and evil all the more difficult. “Star Wars Episode IX: Light Between Stars” by […]

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The Ant-Man and The Wasp Trailer is Finally Here!

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Marvel Studios dropped the trailer for Ant-Man and the Wasp yesterday, 30 January 2018. The film sequel to 2015′ Ant-Man is Marvel’s third major film of the year. We last saw Ant-Man in Captain America: Civil War during the Clash of the Avengers fighting alongside Captain America and transforming into Giant-Man to intimidate Iron Man’s […]

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The Three Most Powerful Female Mutants in X-Men

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Women are more empowered today than ever before, and they’ve played major roles in the success of major films and shows from the past two years. The box-office success of DC’s Wonder Woman is a testament to women’s independence, diversity, and power. Marvel’s Black Widow, Gamora, Jessica Jones and the Wasp are female forces to […]

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Getting to Know DC’s The Flash

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Flashpoint, Warner Bros’ standalone Flash film won’t be showing until at least 2020. But there’s a lot of films and shows to keep us busy while waiting for the main event. For those who are relatively new to comics and DC in general, here’s a short profile of the Scarlet Speedster. Who is the Flash? […]

Will a ‘Solo’ Trailer Drop During the Superbowl?

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Fans and followers have speculated a lot about the trailer for “Solo: A Star Wars Story”. Rumours flew that it will drop on the 12th, between the 24th and 26th, or during Superbowl next Sunday. We didn’t get to see anything in the past weeks, but according to an exclusive report from Deadline, Disney has purchased […]