light horror movies

One of GrokPost’s recent features was on horror movies about the family. Those movies are great to watch with teenage or adult children. But what if you have small or elementary-age children that you want to watch horror movies with? Then we recommend watching light horror movies.

Light horror movies are straight up not-so-scary movies, or comedy-horrors. These movies will make them jump and hold on to you, but not have nightmares. All of them are classics as well. Most importantly, these films have something valuable to teach them.

Here are 10 light horror movies that you and your family can enjoy.

Five Light Horror Movies for the Whole Family

“Ghostbusters” (1984)

Ghostbusters was a blockbuster film in the 1980s that is still influential today. Director Ivan Reitman combined some horror with a lot of comedy and action in an adventure film for all ages. It follows a group of hilarious scientists who puts up a ghost extermination service. Your kids will thank you for this.


“Gremlins” (1984)

Gremlins is a crazy alien horror film that your kids will be eager to talk about with their friends. In the movie, Billy receives a cute creature called mogwai for Christmas, whom he names Gizmo. But there are a few rules that Billy has to follow, or else Gizmo might wreak havoc. Billy expectedly breaks these rules, resulting in messy and often dangerous results. A great film to show your kids the consequences of not following rules.


“Twilight Zone: The Movie” (1983)

Twilight zone is a thrilling anthology movie that followed the television show’s format. Two of these are fast-moving supernatural horror stories that will keep your kids’ eyes glued onscreen. We recommend introducing them to the classic television series when they are older.


“Something Wicked This Way Comes” (1983)

This Jack Clayton film adaptation of the Ray Bradbury book is an interesting one. Two young teenagers meet a mysterious and magical carnival owner who grants their wishes. This carnival owner turns out to be devilish, and the wishes that come true result in consequences. It’s dark, mystical and psychological, but not too mature and deep for kids. Filial love is another theme you’ll find in the film.


“The Watcher in the Woods” (1980)

The Watcher in the Woods is a Disney live-action movie about a family that experiences eerie encounters at their new home. It’s a story reminiscent of the more recent family-themed horrors, but with more mystery than evil.