Illang: The Wolf Brigade

Are you looking for an atypical sci-fi movie to watch on Netflix? Then check out “Illang: The Wolf Brigade”, a new Korean sci-fi action movie. It deals with themes like military technological upgrades and politics. These are topics that you won’t usually see in current Hollywood sci-fi movies.

Warning: spoilers ahead.

Reasons Why Illang: The Wolf Brigade Isn’t Your Typical Sci-Fi Action Movie

Its story is more relevant than futuristic and out-of-this-world.

“Illang: The Wolf Brigade” is director Kim Jee-Woon’s adaptation of the classic Japanese anime, “Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade”. It takes place in the near future, where North and South Korea unify to go against the United States, China, Russia, and Japan as they engage in violent geopolitics. The idea looks great on paper. However, it’s costing Korea’s economy, leading citizens to create The Sect.┬áThe Sect is a rebel group seeking to overthrow the government reunification plan. The Korean security forces then create the terrifying Wolf Brigade to take The Sect down. The story revolves around Lim, a member of the Wolf Brigade, who finds out vicious truths while dealing with PTSD.

Today, China, Russia, and the United States are popular for their use of military force to reinforce their territorial and political powers. Reunification is something many Koreans hope for with North Korea engaging the South and the US more. The film deals with geopolitics more than aliens and spacecrafts to create a compelling story. The future hopefully, doesn’t break down and look as bleak as what the movie shows.

It warns about the dangers of making security too technologically-advanced.

It is pretty natural to have military units around the world upgrade their equipment and strategies. But what’s scary is that some governments are thinking of deploying robot┬ámilitary units for security.

There are no robots in Illang: The Wolf Brigade. However, the Wolf Brigade itself is a scary example of how technology can dangerously empower human forces against their enemies. Each member is clad in a steel armor with red-eye headlights and a breathing pipe. The armor is so well-built that it renders soldiers almost invincible to injury. The armor also gives the forces the capability to obtain classified information about people. Because of these technologies, members of the Wolf Brigade increasingly became morally immune and violent, even towards minors.

This is the only sci-fi element in the movie. They could’ve emphasized it more so that audiences would understand what makes the Wolf Brigade truly vicious and dangerous.

It includes K-Drama elements.

Most romantic relationships formed in sci-fi movies are either too sensual, violent, or contrived. The romantic relationship formed between Lim and the female protagonist is heartfelt, and significant to the story. Like in the zombie action movie, “Train to Busan”, you’ll something very dramatic but relevant to the drama. Though the dramatic elements are a bit dragging, they don’t sacrifice the entirety of the movie.

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