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When it rains, good things pour. Rain provides nourishment to fields ravaged by drought. The cold and cozy weather also gives us an excuse to cuddle with our pets and watch Netflix the entire day. But the rain isn’t always about fun, light drizzles or downpours that make you feel dramatic. A lot of times, rains lead to darkness, storms, flooding, and diseases, inspiring filmmakers to make horror films and shows about them.

As Freddie Mercury used to sing, “Thunderbolt and lightning, very very frightening!”

Here are four horror films and shows about the rain. After seeing these, you may never want to experience rain again!

4 Horror Films and Shows about the Rainy Weather

The Mist

The Mist is a film adaptation of master horror storyteller Stephen King. It is also one of more popular horror films in recent memory.

The story occurs in a town experiencing the aftermath of a thunderstorm. As people begin repairing their houses and stocking up on new supplies, mysterious creatures begin to appear and terrorize everyone in town.

Dark Waters

Dark Waters was one of the films that came out during the early 2000s, when Japanese horror films were all the rage. The story revolves around a single mother and her child as they adjust to their new apartment. Not long after they move in, their ceiling begins to leak, and weird things start coming out of the water. For an apartment that seems cozy, why is it suddenly becoming too dark?

The Rain

The Rain web television series is a story about two siblings who survive a viral outbreak caused by rainfall. After they escape from their shelter, they begin searching for their father. Later in the series, they join other teenagers in finding answers, and more importantly, a safe place.

In the show, the rainfall virus doesn’t turn humans into flesh-eating undead. It either kills them or makes them aggressive, contagious and bloody, similar to zombies. And that idea is still something horrific we’d never want to happen in real life.

The Rain is currently airing on Netflix.


Identity is a psychological slasher horror film where we see hotel guests dying one by one during a thunderstorm. Which among them is the mysterious killer?

The rain doesn’t affect the story’s characters, but it forces them into this terrifying situation.

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