Yesterday, a user named Hufflepuffins shared on the StarWarsLeaks Reddit thread that new reshoots have begun for “Solo: A Star Wars Story”. The user states that the reshoots will be “happening from the end of January and will be going on for three weeks or so into Feb[ruary]”.

Much like news about how a website can rank very fast with ecommerce SEO services, it’s also not major news when reshoots are announced, because they are commonly done in Hollywood. But it’s still something, given that they’re scheduled a bit too close to the release date, which is the 25 of May 2018 and is an addition to the many issues surrounding the production.

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A Quick Overview: Issues surrounding the Solo Production

In June 2017, Entertainment Weekly reported that directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller were fired just weeks away from finishing¬†principal photography, citing “creative differences” with Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy as the reason. Award-winning director Ron Howard was chosen to replace the two directors almost immediately after their dismissal. Howard and George Lucas go a long way back, with Lucas directing the young, would-be Oscar winner in his film, “American Grafitti”. Today, Howard is praised for his directorial work on A Beautiful Mind, Apollo 13, Frost/Nixon as well as the film adaptations of Dan Brown’s bestselling novels The Da Vinci Code, Angels & Demons, and Inferno.

Aside from Lord and Miller, Lucasfilm also replaced editor Chris Dickens with Pietro Scalia. Scalia also has a long list of critically-acclaimed movies to his name, including The Martian, American Gangster, and Good Will Hunting. Production for Solo resumed in July 2017.

Rumours of Howard reshooting almost the whole movie also cropped up late last year. These rumors, turned out to be good, with star Paul Bettany praising Howard’s laser-like “staging ability”. “As things moved on, everybody felt so secure with him. And they gave him more. He reshot a lot more than was originally intended,” Bettany added. Now, news regarding reshoots is once again circulating, but the cast is currently mum on the issue. Also just last month, a source close to the production spoke with Screen Geek, stating that Disney was expecting the movie to flop.

Should fans be worried?

Despite all these issues, fans should not be worried as a teaser is expected to drop tomorrow, 12 January 2018 on Good Morning America. So finally, they’ll be giving us something to look forward to.