Kids today watch cartoons not only on television but also online through YouTube and on-demand streaming platforms. In addition, animators and entertainment executives today openly convey dangerous messages to kids. Hence, it’s important for you to monitor the series and movies your kids are watching. That’s because these series and movies will somehow influence their values and beliefs growing up.

The problem is, not all parents have time to do that because of heavy housework or work outside the home. Because of this, we thought of easing your burden by recommending cartoons for your kids to watch. Our first article in this series features superhero cartoons.

Four  Superhero Cartoons We Recommend for Children

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The Incredibles Franchise

The Incredibles and Incredibles 2 chronicle the lives of a superhero family living quietly in the suburbs. The peace in their lives breaks when villains enter their lives, forcing them to suit up and fight against them.

The first movie revolutionized audiences’ views of superheroes by making them funny and ultra-relatable. The second film in the franchise explores a dynamic that seeks to represent more kids and more families. In both films, child superheroes Violet, Dash and Jack-Jack shine as kind and empowered individuals your kids could take after.


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This Malaysian animated series follows Boboiboy, a young child gifted with superpowers. Together with his friends Fang, Gopal, Yaya, and Ying, they defend the earth from extraterrestrials bent on stealing cocoa beans. There is also a BoboiBoy movie.

BoboiBoy’s targets audiences aged seven to 12. The premise seems very simple. But it teaches children to address problems no matter how minor (stolen cocoa beans) or major (aliens) they seem. The series also promotes important family values like respect for elders and the community, as well as love and friendship. In its series sequel, BoboiBoy Galaxy, BoboiBoy takes a more proactive stance on fighting villains.


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Astroboy (2009)

Astroboy is a film that tells the story of a child robot named Astro abandoned by his father-inventor. He reluctantly works in a robot circus, where robots battle each other. Astro finds great discomfort here, as he prefers peaceful relations over violence. He achieves redemption when he meets Professor Ochanomizu, a kind scientist who sets him free from the circus.

Astroboy is admittedly more serious than our other suggestions. However, we think it’s a great piece of work for children experiencing difficult situations like parents separating and bullying. Watching Astroboy can help these kids see that there is hope and that things will get better for them.

If you want your kids to watch Astroboy but without the drama, we recommend Little Astroboy, a spinoff targeting toddlers and small children.


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DC Super Hero Girls

A lot of parents and female empowerment advocates are excitedly waiting for the reboot of DC Super Hero Girls. The cartoon series features Batgirl, Supergirl, Wonder Woman and their other friends as they fight the bad guys. Interestingly, the first villain on their list is the hulky and bulky Mr. Freeze. Each of the girls represents realistic teenage archetypes: the valedictorian, the rebel, and even the average kid.

Producer Lauren Faust promises that the show will be full of heart and humor at a panel at the San Diego Comic-Con last July 2018. The series comes out in 2019 on Cartoon Network.