superhero movie starring chris evans

Chris Evans posted an emotional message on social media about his last shooting day on the next Avengers film. He expressed his gratitude both to the people he’s worked with as well as the fans. Many fans were tearful upon learning about Chris’ retirement from the MCU.

Chris Evans is one of the institutions in Marvel’s Cinematic Universe. As he retires from MCU to other projects, we’ll take a look at the things we’ll miss about him.

5 Things We’ll Miss from Chris Evans in The Avengers

His inspiring charm.

Prior to Marvel Studios’ Captain America films, casual film fans only knew the character as a muscular and fictional symbol of the United States of America. He was nothing more than a caricature.

Enter Chris Evans. His good looks are one thing, but his charming and inspiring portrayal of Steve Rogers made more movie audiences see Captain America in a different light. Marvel comic fans were delighted to see someone embody the kind, honest, and moral superhero they’ve known for years. He’s also funny too. What’s awesome is that he’s also as good in real life as his character is.

The Captain America films.

The story arcs in the Captain America films helped shaped the narrative of the franchise, making it more nuanced and meaningful, not just for fans, but for the good of the superhero genre. Not all the films are at the same level of quality, but they all offered something good to the genre.

Steve Rogers and his bumbling naive self.

Steve Rogers is a far cry from the naive gentleman he was in the first Avengers movie. Still, we’ll miss Chris’ portrayal of the character in a warm and down-to-earth way.

His love for MCU.

Although all of the stars love MCU equally, it was only Chris who often praises Kevin Feige and Jon Favre’s work with eloquence and passion. We’re sure nothing can quite measure up with his devotion to MCU.

His friendship with the cast.

Chris is part of the tight-knit original Avengers bunch that made MCU what it is today. We will miss his banters with them, especially during interviews, premieres and entertainment conventions. But we’re not worrying too much as we know they’ll still see each other again.

Thank you Chris!