10 of the Best Cosplays from New York Comic-Con 2018

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We only have less than a month left before we suit up with Halloween costumes. But for many of the best-dressed individuals at New York Comic-Con 2018, wearing costumes is a major part of their life. Cosplayers from all over the United States and the world converged on the streets of the Empire State to […]

Weekly Shonen Jump

Seven of the Best Weekly Shonen Jump Manga Titles

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Weekly Shonen Jump is the longest-running and most popular manga magazine in Japan and worldwide. The magazine has sold over 7.5 billion copies all over the world. Most of the stories serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump use action and comedy. A lot of them were adapted into anime, and developed massive fanbases globally. On Shonen […]

superhero movie starring chris evans

Chris Evans Retires: 5 Things We’ll Miss from Steve Rogers in The Avengers

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Chris Evans posted an emotional message on social media about his last shooting day on the next Avengers film. He expressed his gratitude both to the people he’s worked with as well as the fans.┬áMany fans were tearful upon learning about Chris’ retirement from the MCU. Officially wrapped on Avengers 4. It was an emotional […]

magical realism and superhero novels

Magical Realism: Eight Novels That We Recommend

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Dragons, fairies, ghouls, magic, and talking animals. These are just some characters we often read about in fantasy novels. But what if you find them living in your neighborhood? Well then, you’re living in a world of magical realism. Magical realism is a literary genre that melds fantasy elements with real-life narratives. It explores possible […]

underrated superhero movies

Underrated Superhero Movies: Four Films That Deserve More Attention

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Marvel Cinematic Universe. The Batman franchise from Tim Burton. And M. Night Shyamalan’s Unbreakable series. These are some of the superhero film franchises that have big cult followings. Most movies from these franchises are undeniably good. But there are more underrated superhero movies outside of these franchises that demand better attention. Here are four of […]

cutest sci-fi creatures

Cutest Sci-Fi Creatures and Robots from Movies

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The best sci-fi movies are either straight up serious (like 2001: A Space Odyssey and The Martian), or a healthy mix of everything. The latter refers to movies that have action, adventure, and a little comedy. A lot of the biggest sci-fi blockbusters were entertaining rather than serious. Many of them also had the cutest […]

light horror movies

Five Light Horror Movies for the Whole Family

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One of GrokPost’s recent features was on horror movies about the family. Those movies are great to watch with teenage or adult children. But what if you have small or elementary-age children that you want to watch horror movies with? Then we recommend watching light horror movies. Light horror movies are straight up not-so-scary movies, […]

children's fantasy books

Seven Children’s Fantasy Books that You Should Let Your Kids Read

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Reading children’s fantasy books have a long-term effect on kids. Not only does it hone their reading skills, but also opens their minds to become more creative and imaginative. Children’s fantasy books also contain a lot of lessons they could apply in their lives and in dealing with others. Making your children read fantasy literature […]


The Best Joker Actors from Batman TV Shows and Movies

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Joaquin Phoenix is confirmed as Joker for the Gotham villain’s origins story film, which is scheduled for the premiere last next year.   Joker is one of the most popular and iconic in comic, film and television history. Let’s look at the actors who gave justice to the colorful character in the past years. The […]