Zombie films

Eight of the Best Zombie Films of All Time

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Zombie films form an important part of pop culture today. Ever since George Romero’s iconic classic film, “Night of the Living Dead”, was first shown in theatres, audiences have been wanting to see more of the genre. However, it took a long time for zombie films to become as famous as other horror film genres. […]

Illang: The Wolf Brigade

Illang: The Wolf Brigade Isn’t Your Typical Sci-Fi Action Movie

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Are you looking for an atypical sci-fi movie to watch on Netflix? Then check out “Illang: The Wolf Brigade”, a new Korean sci-fi action movie. It deals with themes like military technological upgrades and politics. These are topics that you won’t usually see in current Hollywood sci-fi movies. Warning: spoilers ahead. Reasons Why Illang: The […]

Five Shocking Scenes from Netflix’s Apostle

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Apostle is the latest critically-acclaimed film from Netflix. The thrilling movie is a haunting tale about religious cults and the supernatural. The movie combines psychological, religious cult, and supernatural horror. The movie follows Thomas Richardson as he travels to a village on a remote island to rescue his sister from the religious cult that kidnapped her. He […]

female authors

Five of the Best Fantasy Novels Written by Female Authors

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The fantasy literary genre has no shortage of female authors. However, they’re still a lot less than male authors and are not as popular as them. Only a few, like J.K. Rowling, is famous around the world. To begin shining the light on them, we’re listing down three of the best fantasy novels from female authors. Three […]


Four Cartoons We Recommend for Children (Superheroes)

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Kids today watch cartoons not only on television but also online through YouTube and on-demand streaming platforms. In addition, animators and entertainment executives today openly convey dangerous messages to kids. Hence, it’s important for you to monitor the series and movies your kids are watching. That’s because these series and movies will somehow influence their […]

magical realism and superhero novels

Four Superhero Novels That You Need to Start Reading

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Superheroes were first etched into public consciousness through comic books. Through pulp magazines, people came to know and love characters like Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, the X-Men, and Spider-Man. But the superhero literary genre is not limited to comic books or graphic novels alone. There are hundreds of superhero novels and stories outside the comic […]

female superheroes

Three Reasons Why 2019 is the Year for Female Superheroes

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2019 is the year for superhero films. But among all superheroes, it’s the female superheroes who’ll be dominating the silver screen. Here are three reasons why 2019 is not just a year for superheroes, but female superheroes. 3 Reasons Why 2019 is the Year for Female Superheroes 1. Awaited Sequels Two superhero sequels coming out […]


Four Upcoming Live Action Adaptations of Disney Animated Classics

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After the success of Beauty and the Beast and Maleficent, Disney is now working to produce more live-action animations of some of its beloved classics. Most of these animated classics belong to the fantasy and sci-fi genres. Here are five of the many live-action adaptations of Disney animated classics coming to theatres in 2019 and […]

Thanksgiving horror movies

Five Underrated Thanksgiving Horror Movies to Watch this Fall

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Thanksgiving is a time when people travel back to their hometown for some good ‘ol turkey feast with their families. It’s also a time for bonding with siblings and hometown friends watching Thanksgiving horror movies. You rarely hear about Thanksgiving horror movies and more about Halloween-themed horror movies. Some of them are scary, but most […]