Illang: The Wolf Brigade

Illang: The Wolf Brigade Isn’t Your Typical Sci-Fi Action Movie

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Are you looking for an atypical sci-fi movie to watch on Netflix? Then check out “Illang: The Wolf Brigade”, a new Korean sci-fi action movie. It deals with themes like military technological upgrades and politics. These are topics that you won’t usually see in current Hollywood sci-fi movies. Warning: spoilers ahead. Reasons Why Illang: The […]

Five Shocking Scenes from Netflix’s Apostle

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Apostle is the latest critically-acclaimed film from Netflix. The thrilling movie is a haunting tale about religious cults and the supernatural. The movie combines psychological, religious cult, and supernatural horror. The movie follows Thomas Richardson as he travels to a village on a remote island to rescue his sister from the religious cult that kidnapped her. He […]


“Psychokinesis” is a Magically Realistic Superhero Movie

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The Korean blockbuster superhero movie “Psychokinesis” explores superheroism as a socially-relevant magical realistic narrative. Here is our review of the movie, with mild spoilers. “Psychokinesis” Movie Review Comic books and movies, if not all, portray superheroes as demigods flying and sprinting among us. Without their suits, they are as fallible as the mortals around them. […]

Orbiter 9 is a Silent Beauty on Netflix That You Need To Watch

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The award-winning sci-fi romantic drama Orbiter 9 is currently showing on Netflix. Below is our review of the film. Orbiter 9 Movie Review Orbiter 9 (Orbita 9) starts off as any standard sci-fi drama would: quiet, unassuming and full of technical stuff. Here we learn about Helena (Clara Lago), a 19-year-old space colonist. She lives […]


Netflix’s “Mute” is a Mess and a Waste of Time

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Netflix’s sci-fi mystery thriller, “Mute”, starts off interesting. However, it becomes a huge mess, before trying to redeem itself in its last minutes. “Mute” is by director Duncan Jones and debuted on Netflix last 23 February 2018. Film Review of “Mute” on Netflix Plot “Mute” follows Leo, a devout Amish man living in Berlin’s underbelly […]

2001: A Space Odyssey

Why 2001: A Space Odyssey is One of the Best Movies of All Time

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2001: A Space Odyssey is a sci-fi art film and one of the 20th century’s greatest films. 50 years later, and almost two decades after the film’s supposed timeline, it still is. Here are the reasons why many people still consider Stanley Kubrick’s groundbreaking work as great, in an era that’s already somewhat ahead than the […]

“Re:Mind” Delights at First, then Disappoints in the End

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Re:Mind is a suspense drama produced by TokyoTV and released last October 2017. It stars the members of J-Pop group Keyakizaki46 (Mao Iguchi, Sarina Ushio, Memi Kakizaki, Yuuka Kageyama, Shiho Kato, Kyoko Saito, Kumi Sasaki, Mirei Sasaki, Mana Takase, Ayaka Takamoto, Neru Nagahama and Mei Higashimura) and has episodes directed by Akira Uchikata, Yusuke Ishida, and Yusuke Koroyasu. The show has 12 episodes with 20 minutes of runtime […]

Reasons Why Bill & Ted’s Most Excellent Adventure Is One of the Best Sci-Fi Films

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“Bill & Ted’s Most Excellent Adventure” was one of the iconic sci-fi films that came out in the 1980s. Together with “Back to the Future”, “Bill & Ted”  brought sci-fi closer and made it more enjoyable to many teenagers in the United States and all over the world. This year, Keanu Reeves and Adam Winter […]

Credit: Annihilation official Facebook page

“Annihilation” is a Terrifying and Visceral Masterpiece

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This article has very mild spoilers. “Annihilation” starts off slow. Lena (Natalie Portman), a biologist and professor at John Hopkins University is reunited 12 months with her army husband Kane (Oscar Isaac) 12 months after his mission. Shortly after, he suffers from a major seizure. Lena is taken to a facility where she learns about […]

“Haunt Me” Isn’t Haunting But Has the Potential

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“Haunt Me” is one of the entries in HOOQ’s Filmmakers’ Guild Competition 2017 that won a chance to be developed as a pilot.  This movie hails from Singapore, a country known more for its prosperity and business hub, with numerous multinational corporations (MNCs), consultancy firms and even an ecommerce SEO company, rather than films. Read the […]