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Anime fans, mark your calendars for the following films that will be dropping in theatres this February 2018. In this article, we offer a brief description of the film, followed by their respective trailers. Enjoy watching!


Macross Delta the Movie: Passionate Walkure

Macross Delta tells the story of Walkure, a group of talented female idols, and the Delta Flight, a team of Valkyrie pilots working together to calm down people infected by an infection called the Var Syndrome, which causes them to turn randomly crazy. The Delta Flight also fights against the Aerial Knights of the Windermere Kingdom, who exploit the syndrome for their own political gains. The film is directed by Kenji Yasuda and opens in theatres on 9 February.

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TokiRES The Movie: MIRACLE6

Tokimeki Restaurant, the popular otome game, is releasing a film to celebrate its fifth anniversary. Watch rival boybands MIRACLE6 and X.I.P. as they compose songs to celebrate the fifth anniversary of their debut. Chiaki Kon directs the film which will also come out in theatres on 9 February 2018.


Code Geass Lelouch of the Revolution: the Rebellion/Handou

This film is the second installment in the Code Geass film trilogy.

Code Geass follows Lelouch vi Britannia or “Zero”, an exiled prince and his revolt against the Holy Britannia Empire. The first and second seasons of the anime series were launched over a decade ago, and ran from 2006 to 2008. The film trilogy is a remake of the anime television series. The first installment, Lelouch of the Revolution: The Awakening/Koudou was released last 21 October 2017. The second will be shown this February 2018, while the last film, Lelouch of the Revolution: The Imperial/Oudou will open in theatres this May 2018. The film is directed by Goro Taniguchi and will be released on 10 February 2018.

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SayoAsa and the Infinimals Fantasy

What if you remain a teenager your whole life?

Follow the story of Maquia, an orphan girl from a village where everyone stops aging in their teen years. An armed attack leads her to escape her village and into the forest, where she meets an orphan boy named Erial. They form a friendship and later on become involved romantically. What will happen to their relationship, now that Erial is aging normally, while she is stuck in her youth? Director Mari Okada’s work is an original, meaning it is not based from any anime series or manga. The film drops in theatres on 23 February 2018.


Infini-T Force the Movie and Infinimals Forces

Emi, a teenager from Tokyo, encounters a mysterious and magical pencil which brings various characters from anime series from the 1970s back to life. The film is based on the Infini-T Force 3D Tokusatsu anime series. It features characters from Casshan, Hurricane Polymar, Science Ninja Team Gachaman, and Tekkaman: The Space Knight. The Jun Matsumoto flick is slated for release also on 23 February 2018.


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