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Marvel fans are very excited for Black Panther, which is coming to theatres less than a month away.

T’Challa/Black Panther (Chad Boseman) was first introduced to MCU fans in “Captain America: Civil War.” Before we see T’Challa lording over Wakanda on the big screen next month, let’s take a look at back at of the best and most interesting pieces of fan art created since Civil War came out two years ago:


Illustration: Black Panther on the Hunt by Artyom Toplin
Illustration: Black Panther on the Hunt by Artyom Toplin


Artyom Toplin highlights the superhero’s primal strength in this illustration which shows T’Challa running along the deserts of Wakanda with two black panthers. Black Panther, is one of the strongest, fastest and sharpest superheroes ever created. Not only does he possess super strength and speed, but senses that can see through darkness, hear from thousands of miles away and smell fear. In addition, he wears a vibranium mesh suit and has vibranium claws. All thanks to the Panther God Bast.


Illustration: Dyana Wang on DevianArt
Illustration: Dyana Wang on DeviantArt


T’Challa and mutant Ororo Munroe (Storm)’s love story was one of the most beautiful, passionate and high-profile unions in the history of Marvel Comics. It was also one the first relationships in Marvel that bore fruit between a superhero and a mutant (and by relationships, we also mean friendships). Though their marriage was annulled, they remained to be friends. Dyana Wang’s glamorous illustration of the couple accurately captures their shared strength and passion. With the Disney – Fox merger, will we finally see the two together on the silver screen? We hope!




T’Challa is the heir to the kingdom of Wakanda, just like Simba was the heir of Pride Rock. This artwork from J of Ohio in 2016 pays homage to two of pop culture’s fiercest and bravest feline royalties: T’Challa, and The Lion King’s Simba. This depiction of T’Challa was patterned after Rafiki’s painting of Simba on the wall of his treehouse, symbolizing the shared history of royal destiny of the Black Panther and the Lion King.


Illustration: Black Panther Conqueror by Guile on DeviantArt
Illustration: Black Panther Conqueror by Guile on DeviantArt


Black Panther first came out in The Fantastic Four #52 in July 1966. Coincidentally, The Black Panther Army, a revolutionary socialist organization from the United States was formed in October 1966. Though unrelated, both of them sought social justice. T’Chaka, T’challa’s father and former Black Panther, isolated Wakanda to protect it from external forces that threatened to exploit their natural resources. The Black Panther Army on the other hand, was primarily created to monitor the streets against police brutality. Guile’s work reflects the shared vision of Black Panther and The Black Panther Army in this art work, where T’Challa is seen raising his left arm with the closed fist of the Black Panthers. On his DeviantArt page, Guile calles this 2016 artwork his “humble tribute” to both T’Challa and the Black Panthers.



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This chibi version of Black Panther by Project Mvnchkin is one of the most adorable works of superhero art. Graphic artist Mvnchkin creates chibi versions of various pop culture characters, from Marvel superheroes and X-men, to Darth Vader and Princess Leia, and even Gokou from Dragonball Z. You can check out Mvnchkin’s store here.

Black Panther stars Chadwick Boseman, Michael B. Jordan and Lupita Nyong’o and is directed by Ryan Coogler. The film opens in theatres on the 16th of February 2018.

Which among these fan artworks do you like most? Or do you have other works in mind for us to add? Let us know in the comments!

(Cover photo by Joe’s House of Art/ShauntsArtHouse at DeviantArt)