Five Shocking Scenes from Netflix’s Apostle

Apostle is the latest critically-acclaimed film from Netflix. The thrilling movie is a haunting tale about religious cults and the supernatural. The movie combines psychological, religious cult, and supernatural horror. The movie follows Thomas Richardson as he travels to a village on a remote island to rescue his sister from the religious cult that kidnapped her. He […]

Halloween Horror Films and Series on Netflix

October is just around the corner! Do you know what that means? That means Netflix will have a trove full of Halloween horror films! Check out all the Halloween horror films available on Netflix this October. You can literally spend a month spooking out with your family, partner, and friends! Halloween Horror Films and Series […]

Netflix Plans to Create More Sci-Fi and Fantasy Content

Audiences are receiving Netflix’s sci-fi and fantasy content well. A recent Business Insider report states that “Sci-fi and Fantasy” was the most popular genre among views in the first quarter of 2018. A year ago, comedy was holding this position. Netflix has created a slew of new content for sci-fi and fantasy “anticipate an increase in […]

Netflix’s “Mute” is a Mess and a Waste of Time

Netflix’s sci-fi mystery thriller, “Mute”, starts off interesting. However, it becomes a huge mess, before trying to redeem itself in its last minutes. “Mute” is by director Duncan Jones and debuted on Netflix last 23 February 2018. Film Review of “Mute” on Netflix Plot “Mute” follows Leo, a devout Amish man living in Berlin’s underbelly […]