Credit: Netflix Official Website

Netflix is a treasure trove of movies and serieses from every genre, including sci-fi, fantasy, and horror. Here’s what the streaming platform has to offer for genre fans this April:


1. Lost in Space

The series is a reboot of Irwin Allen’s classic sci-fi television series which aired from 1965 to 1968. Lost in Space a retelling of the classic novel, “The Swiss Family Robinson” by author Johann David Wyss, set in outer space. The show is set 30 years in the future, where space colonisation is becoming the norm as an alternative to living on Earth, which is slowly dying. After traveling through SpaceTime (which is similar to the hyperdrive), the Robinsons land on an unknown alien planet where they have to coexist with other alien creatures like The Robot, and humans like Dr. Smith. (13 April)

2. Orbiter 9/Orbita 9

Orbiter 9 is a romantic sci-fi drama movie that revolves around Helena, a woman who has been preparing for a survival mission outside Earth and in outer space ever since she was a child. She meets Alex, a robotics engineer, who changes her view of reality. Little does Helena know that everything is just a scientific experiment, and her growing relationship with Alex could put years’ worth of groundbreaking study into danger. The film (6 April)

3. Psychokinesis/염력

Psychokinesis is a sci-fi black comedy film about Shin Sukhun, a middle-aged working man who accidentally becomes psychokinetic and gains superhuman strength. Sukhun uses these powers to help his daughter Rumi and the people around him, but also gets him in trouble with authorities. (25 April)


4. The Lost Boys

The Lost Boys is horror comedy from the 1980s about two teenage boys who discover that the new town they’re living in is where vampires reside. The film is a classic and a must-watch for any vampire or horror film fan. (1 April)

5. The Iron Giant

The Iron Giant is an animated sci-fi flick based on Ted Hughes novel published in 1968. Set during the Cold War era, the movie tells the story of Hogarth and his friendship with a giant robot who came from outer space. Together with his friend and beatnik artist Dean, Hogarth does everything to protect the giant from the government’s interference and plan to destroy him. The film currently holds a 96% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and is heralded as one of the best animated movies of all time. (1 April)

(Cover photo courtesy of Netflix’s official media center website)