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The United States of America is gearing up to celebrate their Independence Day. For this, let’s honor one of their greatest contributions to pop culture: Captain America.

Captain America is one of the core members of Marvel’s The Avengers both in the comics and on film. His real name is Steve Rogers, a weak and lanky guy aspiring to fight for his country during the Second World War. The US Army notices him and makes him the subject of a bioengineering experiment called Project: Rebirth. Through this experiment, he becomes a Super-Soldier that eventually defeats the Nazis and Japanese Imperial Army. His first appearance was in Captain America Comics #1 back in March 1941.

Captain America is popular for he embodies the classic superhero archetype. But there’s so much more to him than this, and that’s what we’ll be discussing in this article.

Here are the five reasons why we love Captain America.

Five Reasons Why We Love Captain America

He’s the First Avenger.

Credit: Jay Maidment / Marvel Studios – © 2011 MVLFFLLC. TM &2011 Marvel. All Rights Reserved.

Steve Rogers existed way before everyone else. His wisdom is beyond compare as he was the only one among them who experienced the Second World War.


He’s everything good that the United States stands for.

Captain America
Credit: Marvel official website

Having a superhero like Captain America is important because there’s so much hatred, violence, and divisive politics now in the US.

Might is one thing, but principles and longevity are more important. Steve Rogers is a reminder that being a good, courageous, hopeful and morally steadfast can make you last longer and better in this world. Well, not as long as he did, but you get the point. And he doesn’t display righteousness in any way. In fact, he’s very humble, dorky and a bit cheesy!


He’s genuinely patriotic.

Credit: Marvel Studios / IMDb

Let’s talk about Civil War. In the comics and the film, Rogers goes against the government powers that created him to fulfill the mission that they created him for. That is, for the good of the American people. He believes that he can fight for his country without any government interference because of his strong morals and conviction.

As the Marvel film franchise progresses, Steve Rogers takes on a darker and more mature look. These physical changes reflect a deeper kind of love of country. His love of country today is probably deeper than what we saw in the first Captain America movie.


He is a good role model for armed forces everywhere.

Credit: Jay Maidment / Marvel Studios – © 2011 MVLFFLLC. TM &2011 Marvel. All Rights Reserved.

His genuine patriotism, strong sense of morality, and good character make him the perfect person for soldiers everywhere.


Finally, he exercises his religious freedom.

Steve Rogers is proud of his fath. In Ultimate Captain America #4, he prays to the Christian god to save him. He also reads the Bible to the traitor Frank Simpson. You can find these scenes in the video clip above. He also professes his faith in the first Avengers ensemble movie. Many fans who are very strong in their faith find themselves identifying with him.

How about you? Is there anything else about Captain America you would like to add to this list? Let us know in the comments section of this article.

That’s it for our tribute to Steve Rogers. Happy Fourth of July, Steve Rogers and the rest of America!

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