Credit: Netflix Official Website

This April, we’ll be seeing classics such as The Lost Boys and The Iron Giant hit our Netflix screens. That also means there will be classics exiting the video-on-demand platform. Here are four must-see sci-fi and horror flicks you need to catch on Netflix before they exit on 1 April 2018:


4. Cabin Fever

Director Eli Roth’s “Cabin Fever” was a welcome change to the slasher films that dominated the big screens from the late 1990s and early 2000s. The movie revolves around a group of college graduates who contract a flesh-eating virus while staying in a cabin in the woods.  True enough, it became one of 2003’s highest-grossing films. “Cabin Fever” stars Rider Strong, Jordan Ladd, James DeBello, Cerina Vincent, and Joey Kern.

3. 30 Days of Night

After a group of feral vampires kills the people of Barrow in Alaska, the remaining survivors, including the town’s sheriff, take shelter and hatch a plan to defeat them. The film stars Josh Hartnett, Melissa George, and Danny Huston and was directed by David Slade.

The film was based on the comic book miniseries of the same name by Steve Niles and Ben Templesmith. It is considered one of the best vampire films from the 2000s.

2. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Mind-boggling visual effects, solid acting and Johnny Depp’s unforgettable portrayal of Willy Wonka in 2005’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory solidified the movie’s place in cinematic history. Freddie Highmore starred alongside Depp as Charlie Bucket in this magical fantasy film. Tim Burton’s reimagining of the Roald Dahl novel appealed to critics and mainstream audiences alike, raking in $474 million and earning an average of 83% on Rotten Tomatoes. More than a decade after, the image of those munchkins remains in my head!

1. Tie: Batman and Batman Returns

There are four Batman films exiting on 1 April: Batman (1989),  Batman Returns (1992), Batman Forever (1995), and Batman & Robin (1997). Among all these films, The Caped Crusader films starring Michael Keaton are the ones most worthy of your time.


In Tim Burton’s first Batman film, the Caped Crusader and vigilante goes head-to-head with Joker (Jack Nicholson). The story follows Batman as he battles Joker, who is terrorizing Gotham City with the use of Smilex, a lethal chemical product that causes people to die from laughing. The film was received positively by critics and grossed over $400 million in 1989.

Batman Returns

Batman returned to the silver screen, this time, teaming up with Catwoman (Michelle Pfieffer) and going against a new villain named Penguin (Danny DeVito). “Batman Returns”, which was also directed by Burton, attained critical and commercial success and became the third highest-grossing film in America in 1992.