female superheroes

2019 is the year for superhero films. But among all superheroes, it’s the female superheroes who’ll be dominating the silver screen. Here are three reasons why 2019 is not just a year for superheroes, but female superheroes.

3 Reasons Why 2019 is the Year for Female Superheroes

1. Awaited Sequels

Two superhero sequels coming out next year have female superheroes as leads. First is Wonder Woman 1984, which chronicles Diana Prince’s adventures during the Cold War. A lot of people are awaiting this film following the success of 2017’s Wonder Woman. That film not only strengthened the female empowerment movement but also managed to pull DCEU’s reputation up a few notches. In the sequel, she’ll go head to head with female supervillain Cheetah, played by actor Kristin Wiig.

The second sequel is Dark Phoenix. It’s been a while since we’ve seen an X-Men film, and the wait will be over once Dark Phoenix hits the screens. A lot of fans are eager to see how one of the most popular storylines in the X-Men comics will play out in the movie.


2. Avengers 4 Theories

Recent news articles about the next Avengers movie discuss a “threat” bigger than Thanos, and the trailer, which will drop soon. Once the trailer drops, fans will now know if the theories they thought will come true.

Few of the likeliest or strongest theories involve female superheroes. The most popular one is that Gamora’s not actually dead but trapped inside the Soul Stone. This theory is the most plausible one because it was confirmed by director Joe Russo. Other theories involve Nebula being key to Thanos’ ultimate defeat, and Vision’s resurrection through Shuri. However, we’ll only know how many of these theories play out once the movie is shown in 2019.


3. The first female-led MCU film

2019 is the year of Diana Prince, Jean Grey, and finally, Carol Danvers. Next year, Marvel will debut its first female superhero origins film, Captain Marvel. The movie takes us back to the 1990s when Danvers becomes Captain Marvel in the midst of the Kree-Skrull war.