All superheroes bear some kind of influence on their followers. The likes of Batman and Black Panther positively influence adults who have gone through significant patches in their lives, like the death of a parent or racist attacks. And then there are some that are perfect superhero role models for children. These superheroes serve as reinforcement for parents who want to share good values and beliefs to their children. If you’re a parent or an older guardian to a young child, then you should teach them to look at these heroes as inspiration to live good lives. The actors and actresses playing these roles are also good role models to look up to.

Three Superhero Role Models Your Children Can Look Up To

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Captain America

Steve Rogers is the all-around good guy who serves as the perfect superhero role model for kids. He’s a kindhearted and hardworking individual who wants the best for the people around him. He also tries to do as much good as he can for the benefit of everyone. Even as a rebellious Avenger, Steve was never sinister and vengeful – only prone to being blindly idealistic. He’s also a good friend – MCU’s Bucky Barnes’ redemption story is a testament to that. He also possesses good work ethic and management skills. On top of that, Steve also has a heightened sense of spirituality, something that’s rare in comics.


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Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is one of the many female superhero role models defying gender stereotypes. Diana Prince is not your cookie-cutter fiery-eyed alpha female kicking butt for revenge. She uses her extraordinary strength to help others rise from oppression. She is also very kind and loving. She’s also someone who is very disciplined and hardworking in her combat and educational training, making her the best influence for elementary-age children.

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Peter Parker is a cheeky kid, but his enthusiasm, positivity and goodnatured humor make him an apt role model for kids in late elementary and junior high school levels. He also went through a lot of adversity, so he’s someone teenagers can look to when they’re beset with their own issues.