We’re more than halfway through 2018. That’s why more and more people are getting more excited about the films that are coming out of 2019. Several of these anticipated films already have trailers, sparking the interest among more movie audiences. A lot of these films come from the superhero and horror genre.

Let’s look at the 10 Most Anticipated Films of 2019 that are already getting people talking.

Warning: mild spoilers ahead.

10 Most Anticipated Films of 2019 by Movie Audiences

Avengers: Infinity War poster Credit: Marvel official website anticipated films
Credit: Marvel official website

1. Avengers: Infinity War Part 2

After Avengers: Infinity War Part 1 was shown in theatres, the internet exploded with theories about what will happen in the second part of the story. There’s a lot of talk about the roles that the soul and time stone will play and Gamora’s fate. More importantly, fans are anticipating what the Avengers will do finally defeat Thanos.

The events following Ant-Man and the Wasp fueled the creation of more theories and more excitement for all MCU fans. We hope that the movie closes phase 3 of the MCU spectacularly and worthy of the hype.


anticipated films of 2019
Credit: IMDb

2. It: Chapter 2

The success of the classic horror film’s remake led to the creation of its sequel. The sequel follows the members of the Losers’ Club almost thirty years later, after they receive a terrifying phone call. With Pennywise back, we’re sure to see horror film fans also back in theatres.


anticipated films of 2019
Credit: Jessica Kourkounis – © Universal Pictures

3. Glass

M. Night Shyamalan is following Marvel Studios and Warner Bros. lead by creating an ensemble Unbreakable film. The film brings together the characters of the films “Unbreakable”, and “Split” to create a psychological horror superhero story.


anticipated films of 2019
Credit: Movieweb

4. Joker

Joaquin Phoenix stars in the movie adaptation of the famous supervillain’s origins story. Todd Philips will be directing the film. This will definitely be one of the highly-anticipated films in the latter half of 2019.


Credit: IMDb

5. Captain Marvel

Fans are awaiting are awaiting Captain Marvel, Marvel Studios’ first female-lead movie. The movie will give us a glimpse of the origins of S.H.I.E.L.D., when Nick Fury still had two eyes. The movie also provides context to the events of Infinity War 2.


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Credit: IMDb

6. Wonder Woman 2

The sequel to the highly-successful Wonder Woman film in 2017 will come out next year. The movie will take audiences back to 1984, so it will surely make everyone feel nostalgic. In the movie, Diana Prince goes up against the Soviet Union and her new archnemesis, Cheetah. Aside from Gal Gadot, we’ll also see Chris Pine in the movie as he reprises his role of Steve Trevor.


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7. Star Wars IX

Time flies on hyperspeed. It was just like yesterday when everyone was cheering as Han and Chewie reappeared onscreen in The Force Awakens. Now, we’re on the third and last episode of the last in the latest Star Wars Trilogy. The movie follows Rey, Kylo, Finn, and Poe in the last leg of their journey. Disney recently confirmed that Mark Hamill and the late Carrie Fisher will appear in the film. IX is also the last film that will have the Skywalkers in it and the end of the current “canon”.


Credit: 2009 Columbia – Tristar

8. Zombieland 2

The sequel to the cult favorite is back! Tallahassee, Wichita, Columbus, and Little Rock are back as they fight off against another zombie invasion. Rob Fleischer also returns as the sequel’s film director.


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Credit: Nerdist

9. Spider-Man: Far Away from Home

The sequel to 2017’s Spider-Man is the first movie in the fourth phase of the MCU. In the movie, Peter Parker and his friends go on a summer vacation in Europe. Unfortunately, the fun is cut short when he meets Mysterio, a criminal who uses magical illusions to commit crimes. Nick Fury and Maria Hill also make appearances in the movie.


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Credit: IMDb

10. 3 From Hell

Rob Zombie’s 3 from Hell is a relatively new title on this list. The horror film is a sequel to the 2005 film, “The Devil’s Rejects”. It is also a follow-up to the 2003 film, “House of 1000 Corpses”.